LIVE Strategic Planning Masterclass for Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Create your bulletproof blueprint to work less, lead more efficiently,

and hit record revenue

May 14, 2024 at noon Eastern (11am Central, 9am Pacific) - Register Below

With CEO and executive coach Scott Anderson, MS, PCC


We will be teaching you ACTIONABLE strategies that you can implement right away -- TODAY!

  • ... Strategies that will immediately begin to move the needle in your business
  • ... That will help you set new sales and profit records
  • ... While cutting your work week in half
  • ... And getting you back to working in your own Genius Zone
  • ... So you can double your impact and fall in love with your life again!

We'll be covering:

Strategic Clarity

Get clear about your REAL challenges in business and life -- instead of focusing on a million details, you can laser focus on making your next million.

Strategic Breakthrough

Dramatically shift time from the stress & overwhelm of minutia, to generating sales and serving clients. Get out of the weeds for good and 2X your impact!

Strategic Team

Learn how to get the RIGHT people on your team, doing the RIGHT things so that you can actually step away from your business and (*gasp*) take a vacation!

Strategic Time

Learn about goal "shedding", the impactful way to dramatically reduce your work week and sharpen your focus.

"This program was transformational. My life has done a complete 180... I have all the tools now that I need in order to be the best business owner and operator that I can be. My advice to anyone thinking about joining this program is don't delay another day."

- Brandi V.

Here’s the problem:

99% of CEOs who try to build core teams end up working more — not less — on ‘people problems’, micromanaging and putting out fires instead of completing high impact, revenue-driving tasks.

The result?

A spinning hamster wheel of stress, frustration and wasted resources.

It's time for change

Good news is I’ve helped hundreds of CEOs increase their impact and grow their businesses exponentially, while cutting back their work week to just 20-30 hours per week.

It’s a simple process that’s quick and easy to implement, so the business runs itself, with better results, even in a tight labor market.

It's just night and day from where I've been the last few years.

I'm working a lot less, which was the number one goal, really. I'm sleeping better. I'm not stressed about the work, the responsibilities. I'm just not having to work as much in the business, which has freed me up to spend time on other things and give attention where I've wanted to.

And thanks to Scott, we've had our best revenue year and our best bonus year.

If you would have told me all this would happen (that I would be working less and increasing my profits), I would have said, "No way! It's not possible!" But here I am. It's incredible.

This workshop is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time.

— Ethan Gibbel

Owner, Gibbel Insurance

"I’m celebrating the blank slate – I get to design a team that I can count on, that I can trust, having productive interactions with. And I’ve been able to catch up on self-care and enjoy the accountability."

- Patty S.

"Confusion is very costly. Through this process, I was able to focus in on what really mattered and remove distractions. The result was a lot of clarity."

- Michael B.

"Scott brings his true self to this process. He is transparent and authentic, and has a lot of experience. "

- Christine H.

"The tools you gave us were very effective... even in the initial part of this program I saw that it was really valid! I've been empowered!

- Jane A.

Learn to 2X your impact AND claw back time in your work week with executive coach Scott Anderson

Meet Scott Anderson, a visionary serial entrepreneur who has not just launched, but successfully sold 8 out of his ten businesses. Having walked in your shoes, Scott intimately understands the challenges business leaders face. With over 35 years of business expertise and a unique background as a licensed mental health therapist, Scott is more than an executive coach – he's a guide to preventing and recovering from workplace burnout. 


Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines have featured Scott's innovative (and proven) approach to revitalizing your business to becoming an effective and scalable enterprise.

In this exclusive 9-day Masterclass, you'll tap into Scott's genius and vast experience for free. Learn how he has assisted countless entrepreneurs and high-performance executives in breaking through painful plateaus, maximizing impact, and finding personal and professional joy.

Experience your CEO Breakthrough with Scott – where expertise meets genuine passion for your success.

" allowed me to refocus on what is most important and base all decisions on that. It also helped me reframe my perspective on how I needed to lead the organization. I was able to re-establish the vision I had for the organization and truly begin to fearlessly lead again!"

- Tony S.

"This program is the first I have experienced specifically tied to course-correcting my career and mindset. Scott has an incredible knowledge base for small business and how to leverage your own personality to give you the "push" you may need to take the first step in growth."

- Brett M.

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Where will this event be held?

This Masterclass will be hosted on Zoom. You will receive the link to join us once you register.

How long is this class?

This class will be approximately 90 minutes long.

What if I can't attend the session live?

If you can't attend live, we will send you a recording of the session afterwards, so you can listen at your convenience. However, we suggest you come to the live session if at all possible, so you can interact with Scott, ask questions, etc.